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PPD's Better Pharmacy (BP)
Towards the Goal of Healthcare Counseling

Better Pharmacy (BP) is a compilation of health issues and drug information designed to be used by pharmacists in every drugstore. The future of pharmacy practice is geared towards a more patient-oriented service, providing patients with information on self-care awareness. Better Pharmacy is a must read tool by every pharmacist to help give pertinent and up-to-date information to patients and customers who will come to their drugstore for medicine and health information.

ISSN: 1655-2636
Trim Size: 7.1" x 9.8"
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PPD's Better Pharmacy (BP)
Towards the Goal of Healthcare Counseling

The PPD Better Pharmacy provides relevant and up-to-date self-care information to pharmacist, pharmacy assistants, midwives, homemakers, patients and customers who wish to know more about a particular drug and are looking for practical health information

The PPD Better Pharmacy is annual publication with the following features:

  • Simple guide on how to treat or manage certain common disorders
  • Clinical pharmacy (Chart on how to approach patients in the drugstore setting)
  • Patient-centered communication in pharmacy practice
  • Dispensing guidelines
  • Dosage Calculation
  • Advice on taking medicines (Food interactions & adminstration techniques)
  • Drugs to avoid during pregnancy
  • Drug-drug interactions table
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Directory of drugs and other health products



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